Breckland Salsa

Personal Trainer in Swaffham, United Kingdom

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Breckland salsa is run by Kwad and Laura Kissiedu, a pair of passionate dancers who moved to Norfolk in 2012. After spending two years losing the buzz and thrill of the dance sauce, we decided it was time to start a salsa class In Swaffham. We hope to provide a place where people can dance, socialize and have fun weekly.

Laurais a classical dancer and has danced since 3 years of age. While Kwad has moreof a funky / dance street style and has performed, to an audience, on severaloccasions. Over the years, we have regularly danced at salsa social events inLondon, the 3 counties and several Finnish salsa in the UK. Between us, we havetaught hundreds of people to dance salsa.