Bree Stoner

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

My name is Bree Stoner, I am a 23 year old Social Media Connoisseur. The Social World formerly knows me as Dru Breezyy, a name that was given to me back in my earlier college days for my throwing arm! I am a mother of 2 children, one 3 year old daughter and a newborn son. I am a college graduate from Full Sail University for Media Communications and have attend for a BA in Music Business. I currently work a full time job at the bank but Corporate America is NOT my forte. I love creativity, music, photography, film and especially writing. I am the Founder/CEO of Mikado Visions, Photography and Film Company currently located in Louisville, KY. I also like to Model in my free time. This blog is for anything that has to do with creative writing. You are going to find my poems, stories, preview of books, ghostwriting and music related posts. Enjoy!