Bree Buchanon

Es El

So I go by Bree (BreeahBuchanon Resident). I'm just starting out in the Second Life fashion world, but am pretty stoked about it. This is what you could call my little pocketbook of fashion. Basically I'm here to let you know how awesome I am as well as the fashion world. Just kidding I'm actually pretty not-so-awesome if we're being honest.

But anyways, on a more serious note.. I love to shop & love putting together different styles & outfits so I figured why not share them with y'all! Most of the time I will go weeks where I wear one style such as girly, cute type styles. Other weeks I'm more into a dark goth type look. Others I go for a tom-boy look. Like I said, my style changes soo much I dont think you can quite put your thumb on what exactly my "style" is. I dont have a store or anything awesome like that. I do however like to do photography on the side. So all of my photos are just lightly edited in photoshop. Not towards the outfit but moreso for my face, hair, physical features and such. The outfits are pretty much what you see what you get kind of thing. I have a flickr on my wordpress site that you can also check out.

I hope you all enjoy & that I can help make your Second Life a bit easier.

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