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Ironically, a film project with the true purpose of actually saving the world,called

"Corruption: The Only Real Problem" coming together! Thanks for visiting...from 24 countries, and all the compliments! I look forward to getting to know and become friends with all of you! A terrible car accident broke my back in 4 places..and severed 3 nerves from my neck - which is why I have been remiss in my presence herein. However, my eclectic semantical manipulations have deliniated the dichotomy between ourselves..and our theological peers so that indeed...this became a garden of truely amazing people from all over the world!

Credit can be given to David Pell, whom I found one night googling "We Are So Fucked", after a particularly corrupt week here in DC Politics. (Our Congress held us hostage...ask me sometime...I was in tears. Politics is a quasi-religious role I believe, and they sullied that role.) He has a daily newsletter called Next Draft, which I suggest you subscribe to...can you believe how I found him! LMAO!

Heads up today: a mini-series called Cybergeddon!

and a seriously important documentary by a friend in the UK: Statin Nation

..Vimeo membership is Utube but cooler!

another link...for that

I will do a great Bio, later in the week; and I love!

{ISO woman who is adept at the web, computers and smartphones...for marriage & propagation - looks NOT important. Musician, love to cook, makes bed and...listens. excuse me? ...and Explore Pages...reinforced this desire for a 'better half', gadzooks! you ALL have such frikk'in cool pages! Nice job, slight jelousy...}

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