Breeder Scams

One of the best and cute dog species is the Pomsky. It is a cross breed of the Pomeranian and the Siberian husky. Generally, the dam puppy is husky and the sire is Pomeranian. This breed is one of the cutest puppies found world over and hence the popularity to breed these are on top of the chart for the pet farmers. In the pursuit to breed more of these species and Tips & Tricks earn more profits, often the breeding condition and the food provided to the mothers is ignored. This leads to the birth of unhealthy dogs. Thus, before you go to buy a sweet and cute Pomsky, learn more about them here.

Tips to purchase a Pomsky

An unhealthy and sick pet is a pain to its owner. These pets often result in spreading germs which are harmful for other pets and both for the kids and the adults. Moreover, to keep them healthy, you need to spend lots of money on doctors and medicines.

Hence, it is essential to bring home a healthy and good breed puppy. Sometimes, you fall a prey to breeder scams which result in getting a sick or a different species of dog instead of a Pomsky.

The first step to get a Pomsky is to ask some relevant questions to the breeder. If he or she is not able to answer your questions properly or tries to avoid the questions, then you should probably try somewhere else.

See the pictures of the parents to ensure that the puppy is the cross breed of the Pomeranian and the husky and not of any other species. Breeder scams will try not to show any such picture, or they will delay the process. A true breeder can send you the picture instantly via email or phone.

A scam breeder will also ask for a large amount of advance payment before sending the picture. This clearly means that he is not going to supply the Pomsky that has been claimed by him. Moreover, try to get the transaction on papers. It will help you to get proper legal help if incorrect species has been delivered to you.

Try to buy a Pomsky from a registered or a licensed breeder. These people have fear of losing their license and registration in case of any legal issues and hence the probability of getting a sick or wrong dog is much less in their case.

Check the size and weight

The size and the weight of the Pomsky are also good identifiers of the fact that whether you are getting the right d