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Student in Hell, Michigan

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Hi! my name is Dade but you can call me my kin names. I'm nonbinary and use he/they pronouns. I have severe depression, severe anxiety, psychosis, DID,predictions of BPD and autism, and possible adhd. if you will disrespect my mental illnesses, please don't follow me. I also have self diagnosed DPD. Because of my DID, I identify as a system. I have multiple people in my head that control me and they each have different personalities. (To learn more about them, either ask me or follow my art acc @rosyfril !!) Also, im a CSA victim and live in an abusive household. Please tag mentions of pedophillia, incest, rape, and molestation. I have a ship that I use to cope because of this. Thanks! I'm also a very spiritual person, and I identify as cartoon characters to cope with my illnesses. If you're going to disrespect me for that, or you think you're one of my identities/someone else is, please don't follow. Here's a list of them! Also please don't judge me by how manny I have, it's one of my only healthy coping mechanisms !!


Leni Loud (The Loud House)

Norman Babcock (Paranorman)

Rick Sanchez (r&m)

Papa Smurf (the smurfs)

Jenny (my life as a teenage robot)

Enid (Lakewood plaza turbo)

Rose Quartz (Steven universe)

Marceline (Adventure Time)


Golan (Golan The Insataible)

Kanga (Winnie the Pooh)

Simba (The Lion King, The Lion Gaurd)

Bubbles (power puff girls)

Breehn (Clarence)

Brittany Miller (Alvin and the Chipmunks)

Sadie (Steven Universe)


Howard Weinerman (rc9gn)

Princess Luna (MLP)

I know its a lot !! I'm sorry but I can't control who I am.

I'm in a poly relationship with the best boyfriends ever, Stanley and Ford! (@stanowarii, @poinsixer)

I'm also In a queer platonic partnership with Marshall, Peri, and Raz! 💜💜(@seashrines, @brightperiwinkle, @Radputin !)

Also, Smurfette means a lot to me!! So don't follow if you have a problem with them either.

Thank you for reading this! DM me "🍄" along with why you want to follow!