Bree Orchard

Columbus, Ohio, United States

After taking the StrengthsQuest, it was found that my top 5 strengths were: Relator, Empathy, Responsibility, Harmony, and Input. I feel like these results were extremely accurate. Empathy and Relator kind of go hand-in-hand and to me that means being able to put myself in others' shoes and seeing things from their perspective and/or literally being able to relate to them or finding a way to relate. Responsibility also accurately describes me because ever since I started going to school, my parents were always complimented on how well I behaved and how responsible I was in general and with other kids. I've always been one to do the right thing no matter what circumstance I'm in. Responsibility impacts my academic life because I always do my homework and study and make sure things are done when they are supposed to be. Empathy/Relator impacts my social life because I feel like a lot of people come to talk to me about things because they know I won't judge them and I can usually find a way to understand where they are coming from.

The StrengthsQuest was actually one of my favorite activities because I found it very interesting to actually see what my strengths were and I felt as though they were very accurate. After getting these results and hearing other people's strengths, I now know what I can do in order to help other people and what I need to work on for myself.

Another activity I found particularly interesting and helpful was A Letter to Myself. Even though I was the one writing it, it still seemed as if it was someone else speaking to me and reading it over again really gives me hope. I originally wrote about all of my dreams: getting into the dietetics program; maintaining balance between social life, academic life, healthy life, and family life; graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition; getting married and traveling with my future husband; pursuing a master's degree; and starting a family. All of these things are very attainable and sometimes I just need to reassure myself of that. Reading this letter when I'm having doubts can help me get back on track and realize that what I'm pursuing really is my dream life.

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