Bree Rackley

Head of Content at and Content Creator/Social Media Strategist in Augusta, Georgia

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Bree Rackley is a member of the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE), and is certified by HubSpot Academy in both Social Media and Content Marketing. Most recently the Head of Social Media for Harv Eker International, and currently a Freelance Social Media Strategist and Content Creator/Marketer, she is taking some time to broaden her education.

Whilst pursuing additional certifications, Bree is still available for Remote Opportunities, Strategy Sessions, and Consultations; especially if your company has a solid and commendable mission.

Bree's a night owl on a constant quest for her personal, ideal, work-life balance. She’s passionate in the immersion of all that is Digital Marketing (and SO many nerdtastic topics) and can usually be found working whilst the world sleeps (and tucked away during what she calls “human hours”, when the rest of the world is abustle).

Bree has a background in psychology, sales, and coaching (amongst a slew of other things). She likens her experience in a host of occupations to “living many lifetimes in this one”, and often calls upon her unique accumulation of knowledge when problem-solving.

Upon discovering that a career could be made by creating online Content and Marketing it through Social Media, no other job would do. Although, Bree attended different universities on scholarships (both athletic and academic) she is more comfortable as an autodidact.

Bree is an INTJ, ardent supporter of Manchester United, and can usually be found on Twitter, especially when she should be sleeping.

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