Brianna 'BreezyB' DeMayo

Philadelphia, PA

In an industry landscape where music no longer equals fame, and fame no longer secures a massive loyal following, Brianna “BreezyB” DeMayo, is providing the seamless solution to take control of your music career.


“When working with independent artists and managers, one of the first revelations they have is that when you build your empire from your heart, based on a solid brand, you can attract record labels that will come to you. By that time, you might not even want a record deal, and if you do you'll have enough leverage to obtain what you want without losing control of your career to the label.” – BreezyB

This is a hard reality to swallow when today’s starving artists are striving to be discovered, pining at the chance to show the world how great they are. BreezyB’s message makes it clear that in times like these, talented individuals must first discover themselves.

Exclusive Public (EXP) does just that, empowers the independent artists and labels to take control of their music career by providing guidance plus development, branding, and promotion packages.

Breezy recorded her first song at nine years old, and then performed it on stage while appearing on Amateur Night At The Apollo at age 14 (she won 3 times in a row). She continued to perform on various radio stations, festivals, television shows and clubs in New York City, and Philly. All by the age 17. At that point in her career, there was no control or say in decisions. Discouraged, she decided to leave the music industry thinking, “this broke my heart, and i am never going do this again.”

Later in life, Brianna studied real estate to learn business and make money, subsequently she got to watch and be a part of the resurgence of commerce in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberty’s District.

Breezy is truly a breath of fresh air as parts of the music industry are stagnant, old, and run down. The good news is that the infrastructure for how to succeed in music and fund superstardom is still intact and thriving. Exclusive Public, provides their artists with the extraordinary tools, deep resources, as well as live rehearsal and on the stage training to develop and grow as an artist and entrepreneur.

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