Benjamin Regnier

Architect, Technologist, and Human in Encinitas, CA

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Ben is currently Technical director at a company that makes waves. Not figurative waves.

Before that, he was a Senior Associate at Gensler where he tried daily to make new beautiful things. Usually, however, he was just making spreadsheets.

Before that he was in Boston, at the Harvard GSD, where he learned that our new toys have deep roots. He also made a game where you wave your arms to protect cities.

Before that, he was at Clive Wilkinson Architects in Los Angeles, where he realized he'd been a postmodernist all along.

Before that, he was at Marmol Radziner Prefab in Los Angeles, where he learned how things can be put together. He also learned a lot about Autodesk Revit, which is very useful in paying the rent.

Before that, he was at Rice, where he learned a little bit about Architecture but mostly just met and hung out with Katy, who he would later marry and have three (three!) kids with (two of them are twins, okay?)

Before that, he lived in suburban Kansas, which is more interesting than you give it credit for.

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