Christina Breiner


I LOVE communication - everything from social and digital media to the traditional press releases and news letters. My specialty is the strategic communication planning focusing on creating a solution that will solve the company or client's communicative challenges. It's all about finding a solution that can be incorporated across channels thus we can move employees, the company and customers. I can do anything when I put my mind to it - always eager to learn new things and skills. Working with communication is my dream and now I'm looking for a job where I can live that dream.

I have a passion for sports and football (soccer) is my specialty having played for almost 25 years - some of them as an elite player. Now, I'm passing on my football experiences and skills to women at asylum centres giving them a breake from an uncertain future and sharing lots of laughs.

I love, LOVE to travel and fortunately, I have friends with the same passion. Next up is Berlin and then Sri Lanka - can't wait.

I'm a dedicated music fan with a preference for pop music but I don't discriminate. The coming months, my music calender is fully booked with Danish music festival Northside featuring Lana Del Rey, White Lies and The Nationals among others; a concert with Danish rapper L.O.C; my third concert with my favorite boyband Backstreet Boys and another festival - Skanderborg Festival, in the beginning of August. So I'm keeping my inner music diva satisfied.

I grew up in a small suburb just outside Aarhus, Denmark but during the years I have lived the cosmopolitan life in London and Copenhagen. Recently, I have found my way back home to the city of smiles, Aarhus.

  • Work
    • Professional jobhunter (as one might put it)
  • Education
    • Cand.ling.merc. in corporate communication