Breanne Kohler

My name is Breanne Talore (pronounced Taylor) Kohler. I like to think of myself very nice, I make friends with anyone I meet. I enjoy acting and having fun! I love to smile, a smile is anyone's best asset. I believe everyone can be beautiful! My favorite color is pink. I love to travel, I have traveled to most states inside the U.S., Guam, Japan, Germany, and France. I am a very open-minded person! I love movies and music (anything old or new).I love to bake, design, decorate, and capture life's Kodak moments! I buy magazines ALL the time (it's my addiction), I mean it! I love comedy. I am a pop culture junkie (I am tuned into E! all the time)! I love all sorts of food! I will try everything once, momma always said, "don't knock it til ya try it!" I really love experiencing new and different cultures. I love my family and friends. I love kids and acting like one! I am a Christian and Pisces. I love life and I live every moment like it is my last!