Bren (Brendan Ceillac Dunphy) is a Music Producer who graduated from Nimbus School of Recording Arts, run by Kevin Williams, Garth Richardson, Jack Richardson‘s son, and Bob Ezrin, all well-known major music producers in North America. Bren was a part of the class that, when graduated, was said to be, by Bob Ezrin himself, “…the most talented production class so far at Nimbus”. He finished studying Music Business at BCIT with, teacher, Chris Brandt, an influential name in the music business who runs a charity called Music Heals. Bren is currently working with artists such as Kathy Ziarek who is vocally influenced by Rihanna and Amy Winehouse, and Nadia D’oRe who is vocally influenced by Mary J. Blige and Jill Scott.

Bren has been singing for about 15 years. He has sung and performed together and as a soloist across Canada, the US, England and France. His vocal niche is pop opera and he is often compared to Josh Groban. He is currently studying voice with Edette Gagné. Bren has been playing piano for about 20 years. He is classically trained in piano and is known for is his skill in piano improvisation in which he has been given the gift to effortlessly create full, beautiful sounds completely in the moment. His intricate sonic ability allows him to create music that is current and unique.

In 2001, Bren was chosen by the choral director, Tony Araujo, at St. Patrick’s Regional Secondary School, a school well-known across North America for their choral program, to be the voice of a song he wrote called “Compassion Poured Out”. This happened at the same as the 9/11 attack and many CDs were shipped to New York as a form of emotional relief for those who were victimized by the event.

Bren is currently building a team of music producers, sound engineers, artists, writers and more to work towards a freedom conscious world. His mission is to share himself through his art with the world by producing a high quality product that will reach the hearts of many around the globe.