Bren Bren

Me in a nutshell: I'm easy-going, fun, independent, smart, Libertarian, open-minded, a free spirit, chatty, hyper, kind, genuine, honest, generous, 5'4", Irish, good shape.

I love cult films and documentaries, classic cars, all music (but especially classic rock), graphic design, photography, art, dance, history, philosophy, anthropology, and embracing the awesomeness of ADHD. I enjoy trying out new hobbies, foods, activities, and experiences. I want to achieve and see as much as possible in my lifetime.

I am self-employed graphic designer and I own my own design agency where I work with talented colleagues and other creatives. I have a bachelor's degree with honors from UTA.

I'm concerned about a positive approach to mental healthcare, women's and LGBT rights, animal welfare, and environmental responsibility. I oppose big government and federal interference in personal freedoms and states' rights. I believe in the inherent equality of the sexes, and that gender roles are not rigid. I am vegan but my choice doesn't have to be yours. I also advocate on behalf of pit bulls to end breed discrimination and advocate for an end to cannabis prohibition.

Important: I do not want kids at all and won't be having any. Please do not ask me out if you want kids.

What I'm looking for: Dating with the hope of progressing to something more serious, but for now, I'd like to just make friends and see what happens. I am not interested in hooking up.

What I prefer: Tall, outgoing, intelligent, talkative, honest, respectful, well-adjusted guys with high emotional intelligence, lots of energy and varied interests. I'm looking for someone smart who can keep up with me.

Please keep looking if: You can't handle someone who is disorganized, hyper and prone to stress; you can't handle someone who has focus issues and forgets things; you're quiet or asocial; you don't like trying new things; you dislike people or animals; you're jealous of other guys (most of my friends are male); you want to have children; you are intimidated by smart and strong women; you're looking to screw around.

  • Work
    • Graphic Designer, Photographer
  • Education
    • Bachelor's