Brenda Lemae Williams

Hi! My name is Brenda Lemae Williams. I have two middle names so the middle names were merged together to form Lemae. I was born in Louisiana. I have raised 5 respectful children. Who help me with their support in my journey with challenges in my everyday life? Genetics are responsible for this condition of albinism that has society so baffled. The challenges I have faced began at my birth. Brenda Lemae Williams is a matter of fact only an ordinary person. But I have a set of characteristics that jumps out even before you get to know me. People with albinism are at risk of isolation because the condition is often misunderstood. I am not that perfect vision that has been sold to us daily. I am simply me Brenda Lemae Williams. My life has been a normal one but it came with challenges. The challenges came in the form of restricted eye sight. And a list of other health challenges.

I set up the website Discovery of Differences to enlighten people about the conditions associated with albinism. My mission is hopefully to encourage people to use the term Albinism by referring to us as people with albinism or person with albinism or better yet knowing the person’s name. There are other sites up which discuss albinism but because I have this condition it is only appropriate that I also connect with people through this website for the quest of informing people about albinism too. Some posts are on various subjects besides albinism videos, illustrations, and editorial written by me. The other postings are informational from other sites explaining albinism. And I will have the reference labels from where the information came.