Brenda Avalos

Westchester, New York

Brenda Avalos is pursuing her education at Westchester Community College, with the intentions of becoming a future Doctor someday. This moviates her to learn about her career, by volunteering at nearby hospitals. Which inspire more and more with time.

Brenda was raised in a culturally diverse town, where as she grew she became interested in various ethic cultures. She roughly speaks four languages and is attempting to learn a fifth one. As she acomplishes learning these languages, she has traveled to Europe and South America, and has put them in good use. Music was very influencial part of her life as she grew.While playing instruments and performing, she has grown more fond of it through time. This summer she hopes to travel to Italy to learn the culture she has admired for years. When shes not laughing or fooling around, you may catch her photographing a view the world. Spend an hour with Brenda you will be influenced by her motivations and goals for her future.

  • Work
    • Retail Sales Associate
  • Education
    • Westchester Community College