Brenda Barajas

Student in Colima, Col., México

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My name is Brenda Barajas I'm from Colima City, i born the 20th of September 2002. Actually i study the high school in the university of Colima. I like dance, read books of romance and spend time with my family. I don't like get up early, also i hate the cats and the cherries. On Mondays and Wednesday i go to swim around 6pm to 7pm and come back home to finish my homework. On Tuesdays and Thursdays i go to do exercise around 8pm to 9pm. On Fridays sometimes my family and i go to Cuauhtémoc to sow corn in the yard of the house. On weekends usually go to grandma house with all my family and spend all the day there, or sometimes my family and i go to the cinema, then we eat and the rest of the day we spend it at home. One of my hobbies is read a lot, so i can read a book in a week.