Brenda Cox

Small business online marketing

Once you have a website that works it’s important to have an online marketing strategy to take your Google rankings, brand awareness, reputation and client interaction to the next level. Your website is a marketing tool, how you use it is up to you! One thing’s for sure, we want to see you succeed and we’ll be here to help. Sometimes you just need a helping hand to get started. Our online marketing plans are aimed at providing small business owners with comprehensive 12-month strategies to tackle Internet marketing. We personalise a strategy to suit your needs and capabilities and you walk how to get instagram followers fast and free away with a set plan and clear direction. Writing blog posts to publish on your website helps improve your visibility in Google, provides an opportunity to market your business, boosts brand awareness and builds your reputation as a leader in your field. All GOOP websites include a blogging function and clients have two options for managing their small business blog: Planning and publishing your own blog posts is free. However, we know not all small businesses have the time to strategically and consistently blog. Our blog-writing service includes strategic planning, research, writing and publishing on your small business blog and quarterly reporting to judge the effectiveness of blogging on your Google rankings. Newsletters are such a simple, yet effective method of getting in touch with your audience. We can help get you set up with an eNewsletter which reflects your branding and train you how to send online marketing campaigns to customers in your database. People who subscribe to your newsletter want to hear from you – they really do! Make sure you honour their interest in your business by sending them an eNewsletter with relevant, useful and interesting information on a regular basis. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn… the list goes on! Where to start? We understand social media can be a daunting space for small business owners – you are so busy running the daily operations of your business that deciphering social media platforms and jargon drops further down your “to do” list!

Learn From Other Businesses

You can learn a lot from other successful businesses in your niche. Simply looking at their website and social profiles can tell you a lot. There are also many competitive analysis tools that your business can take advantage of. Research your can you buy followers on instagram competition t