Brenda Effiom

Project Manager, Writer, and Personal Trainer in Calabar, Nigeria

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Brenda is a social entrepreneur, educator, sexual and reproductive health trainer and specialist working to promote the health of young people with more emphasis on the reproductive health of young girls and women. She is the Executive Director of BrenCare Foundation, youth led organization that works to educate and empower young people with accurate information to protect and promote their health, well being and to make them make informed choices about their health and lives. Since inception, BrenCare Foundation has reached over 3,000 young people. Brenda is also the adolescent sexual and reproductive health program officer as well as the research, monitoring, evaluation officer with Girls' Power Initiative (GPI) Calabar where she works to ensure young girls and women have adequate information on their reproductive health and she also monitors the impact of the organizations activities. She is a member of the network to curb sexual abuse of girls and women in Cross River State where she works to educate and provide counseling services to survivors of sexual abuse. Brenda is also a youth representative/ member of Youth Participatory Platform (YPP) United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) where she serves as an interface between UNFPA and young people.

She is committed to shaping a world where every young persons health, well being and potential is fully achieved. Brenda work to fight against cultural practices against girls and women in her community. She volunteers her time to mentor young people in schools and communities and organizes events and seminars for young girls and women to discover their potentials and gain economic empowerment.

Brenda is passionate, dedicated, energetic and result driven and has over six years of experience working with young people