Brenda Hernandez Flores

Art Director, Mother, and Realtor in Essen, Alemania

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A new beginning

A new beginning was what I had once that I discovered who was who was sending me all those details and who knew ultimately why if I take a surprise, with the program that offers this page I could put a name to the secret admirer who, of course They were no longer secrets, for I discovered everything about this person, the school in which I studied, the work I attended, his family, his desires, his likes, what he did not like, everything that had been planned for me, His recordings, his needs and everything that implied his person, so it is a great weapon to be able to carry out a good research on that secret admirer who insists so much but does not make himself known in this way I continue to accept everything that I I sent and even encouraged it to know us better even though I already knew him better, this way knowing face to face for me would not be something that would conflict with me in any way, so the only thing we have q Ue realize is to enter in this page where many people are all the time attentive to be able to help you to solve any type of doubts that you have about how the process is carried out.

I can never thank how much this page helped me to knowby fine my secret admirer.