Brenda LaRose

As the owner of her own luxury gift basket company, Best Spa Gift Baskets, Brenda LaRose is an entrepreneur based in New York City. Brenda LaRose, also known as B. LaRose, earned her undergraduate degree in Social Science from Pace University at the Pleasantville, New York, campus. Ms. LaRose furthered her education at The New School in New York City, earning a Master of Arts in Media Studies. While she ultimately did not end up in the media field, Brenda LaRose credits her experience at The New School and the lessons she learned there with creating a positive impact on her life and career.

Brenda LaRose began her career in the customer relations and accounts receivable departments at Workman Publishing Company in New York City. For 10 years, Ms. LaRose worked to improve the company’s coding and input procedures, as well as the internal systems, in order to increase the overall efficiency of the ordering processes. Her contributions were essential to Workman Publishing Company. Most notably, her streamlined systems successfully saved the firm $2 million on unfulfilled orders. After leaving Workman Publishing Company, Brenda LaRose stayed in New York City and worked for Design Mates, Inc., as an office manager and bookkeeper. She subsequently joined L. Naoum, P.E.P.C. Consulting Engineers as an office administrator and marketing assistant. After working in the latter role for three years with a focus on developing networks, identifying potential partners, and enhancing brand awareness, Ms. LaRose decided to start her own online business.

Brenda LaRose’s online business, Best Spa Gift Baskets, specializes in high-quality products for men, women, and children. Whether treating someone on a special occasion, sending a heartfelt thank you, or adding some luxury to one’s life, Best Spa Gift Baskets offers affordable products for everyone. From pampering luxury gift sets and child-oriented candy baskets to positive thinking and inspirational books, Best Spa Gift Baskets offers a gift basket to meet all needs. For more information on Best Spa Gift Baskets, visit