Brenda-Marie Whitehead

Brenda-Marie Whitehead

Brenda-Marie Whitehead was born Brenda-Marie Cantrell in Fort Smith, Arkansas on April 27th 1973.

She went to Hollywood in 2000 to be in a couple of episodes on MADtv. Her part included being featured in a comedy sketch as an Opening Scene Traveler and Passenger with Mo Collins & Christian Duguay. This was her first real exposure of being on a nationally televised TV show. She was a huge fan of this show anyway, so this was a major thrill. She still owns the signed script the cast gave her!

Her biggest challenge thus far was playing the characterï of "Fannie Rae" in "Hay Days"" recently shot in Stillwater Oklahoma & surrounding areas. She was thrilled and honored to have been a part of this project. She's worked on a few larger shoots too such as "Three Days To Vegas". In this one she plays actor Rip Torn's Dancer. She enjoyed doing this one immensely because she was also featured close up in the movie trailer & a clip recently shown on TMZ. Director Charlie Picerni has been quoted as saying, "Brenda did very good and was easy to direct". She can also be seen in the smash hit "The Hangover".

Brenda has a strange talent that some call a gift. She can actually cure hiccups. She cured actress Cindy Williams hiccups in Dallas while they were having dinner together. Her chiropractor friend had also fallen victim to hiccups. He had hiccups for a week non-stop until she stopped them, as well as numerous other cases! What's really funny, is the look on their faces when it stops. This has nothing to do with scaring you, drinking anything or holding your breath and it's worked 99% of the time. She's quoted as saying....."I wish I could tell you, but if I did that, well then I'd just have to kill you"!

Brenda's newest venture is writing screenplays. She recently co-wrote a western short titled "No Rest For The Wicked" with Alex Whitmer. Look for it sometime in 2013.

Brenda-Marie Whitehead was nicknamed "BMW" by her peers in the acting community. She resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and continues to hone her craft and study. She's gaining speed and popularity with directors and producers and loving the ride!! Visit