Brenda Murphy


Author. College Faculty. Speaker at state and regional conferences on behalf of foster and adoptive children and their families.

I began cooking at my grandmother's side in the kitchen of her 1936 home. There, I learned to cook by touch. I also learned some wickedly funny stories, as well as the finer points of a well-lived life. This year (2015) I decided to set down my story for my beloved grandchildren. After I shared this idea with my fabulous and enthusiastic friends, who generously agreed to help after several servings of Champagne Punch, what began as a private project took on a life of its own.

So here we are. Still telling funny stories of childhood escapades, as we shuck corn and snap green beans on the porch of our now homes; teaching our grandchildren how life was for us "back in the day."

They can't believe what we got up to in that time, including letting a lamb loose in the house, singing to a bull in a pasture while waving a red bandana then running for our lives...and so much more.

Our message is simple: Make memories every day. Trust that with empathy, kindness, and love each of us can make a positive impact for the good in the lives of others. Goodness knows that all of us can benefit from some old rituals that deepen trust and bind hearts in love.