Brendan Filice

Student in Irvine, California

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Since he picked up his first Nikon professional camera about eight years ago, Brendan Filice has become a prolific photographer in his spare time. Always looking for new and innovative ways to capture "real life" moments in nature, Brendan spends much of his time outdoors in his home state, California.

Academically, Brendan graduated high school in 2015 and is working toward a career focused on biology.

Brendan Filice is an athlete whose first experiences were in team sports. He especially enjoys baseball, soccer, and football. As he's gotten older, Brendan has since branched out into more solo activities like hiking and snowboarding. These types of activities are great because it also allows him to travel to picturesque mountainsides for photos.

Brendan is a fan of animals, both domestic and wild. This is is reflected in his studies at school as well as nurturing for his numerous pets at home.

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