Brendan Golden

Brendan Golden

In a nutshell, I am a music-loving, book-reading, dog-loving, movie-watching, computer-networking, video-gaming, sci-fi-fanning, jack-of-all-trades. Give me my wife, kids, and a sunny day in the park and I'm set!

I am a professional Network Administrator having passed my CCNA certification exam in 2009 and have completed the CCNA Security class. I'm a quick learner and really looking forward to continuing my career with a company I can take pride in working for.

Currently, I am the Procurement Manager for an AV Company in Aurora, Illinois and am in charge of equipment purchases for new locations across the country, but am working towards [and looking forward to] getting back into the IT world.

Projects I am currently working on:

1. Raising my twin daughter and son and teaching them all there is to know about family, fun, Iron Maiden, and Dungeons & Dragons.

2. Getting my 1968 Ford Mustang up and running so that my wife and I can enjoy it!

3. The constant upkeep and maintenance of a 900 sq. ft., 3-bedroom home with 1 cat, 2 dogs, twin babies, and two adults.