Brendan Keane

Hi. I'm Brendan Keane and I earn a living writing advertising and marketing copy. But when I'm not earning a living, I guess I'm living a living. And that includes things like trying to be a tad more self-sufficient by joining the allotment movement. But it's cool - I haven't started to make my own clothes from corn, or anything radical like that. Yet. My other big love affair is sport. It involves mainly watching it these days, but I can still be found, at times, trying to recapture "old glories" in a local pool or running track. When I say "old glories", I really mean "old mediocrities", but age has a way of letting you forget the defeats and dream back on the occasional victory. Am in the process of trying to lose a heap of weight, and when that's successful, I'd love to have one final fling at doing something BIG by way of a physical challenge. The one that keeps cropping up is L'Etape, where you get to ride a stage of the Tour de France a couple of weeks before the race gets underway. It may be just a pipe dream, but what are pipes for if not for dreaming?