Brendan Kelly

Welcome to my profile. My name is Brendan Kelly. I am a mobile media specialist & founder of the iZignite agency.It is my goal to make a positive change in myself and in the world around me by pushing beyond what is thought to be possible. I believe those who say a particular thing can not be done are often interrupted by those who are actually doing it. Life is a gift, to truly appreciate it you must experience as much as you can and leave the world better than you found it. I maintain an abundant mentality. A successful life is largely what you bring to the table. I choose to live in a realm of possibility.

I embody strong leadership traits, an ever growing thirst for new knowledge & a passionate entrepreneurial spirit.

My mission through iZignite is to help countless businesses flourish and succeed by empowering them with the most revolutionary, innovative marketing products in the world while supporting the iZignite team of agents in achieving extraordinary success delivering those products to our customers.