Third Millennium Concepts is a speciality research and development company with proven ability to find exactly what our clients want. We scour the planet looking for companies that have proprietary products and new technologies and who develop, design and manufacturer. We have the pleasure to work with companies in media technology, such as Juzou and Syndicate Content, Nanotechnology, with Nanotech Solution UK and Nano Tech Coatings UK, specialist in thermal, heat resistent, algae, mould and bacteria applications. Polysolar the world’s first truly transparent and integrated solar PV, and Solar Capital, who provide free commercial solar. Please see links below. Juzou and Syndicate Content.Whether you are broadcaster, content owner, advertising company, public service provider, international conglomerate, or operate in niche market and want to diversify and broadcast your content into new territories, talk to me. We provide, target advertising on investment packages. We provide the whole package from design, development, syndication and management. We can take any live cable or satellite feed and broadcast it to any country. For smaller companies who don’t own their own content and can’t afford to purchase we also have platforms for your requirement.There is no doubt that the future of TV is being able to offer and monetise any type of content that can be viewed anywhere. However with so much new content available how does the customer find the content they want and how does the TV Operator monetise that content? Our sophisticated back office allows the TV Operator, or fledging broadcaster to easily upload on-board content, aggregating live, linear, VOD and freely available video content into one unified viewing experience across multiple devices. Our search and recommendation technology allows the customer to find the content they want and our commerce technology allows the TV Operator to price and package content to suite them and their customers.