Brenda Petty

Small Business Owner and Social Media Manager in Duncan, Oklahoma

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Greetings, I’m Brenda. I’m a small business owner living in Duncan, Oklahoma. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, web development, and education. I’m also interested in technology and writing. You can visit my website with a click on the button above.

Waking up in a nightmare or out of a nightmare can be frightening. That may be the way you are feeling right now. You have found yourself in a situation that is completely out of your comfort zone. Someone has fraudulently signed your name on documents; someone has stolen your identity and they are freely signing your name; you have been cut-out of a will and the signature doesn’t look like your parent’s signature; or maybe, the ex-spouse became so good at signing your name during the marriage that they continue to sign your name to new loans, etc. Or maybe there has been a loved one who wrote a suicide note but the writing doesn’t look like their writing. All of these things produce the emotions of fear, anger, confusion and the question, “What am I going to do?”

I can help you! A handwriting expert is trained in all of these areas. Just as distinctive as someone’s fingerprints is someone’s writing. With MRI equipment it is being verified more and more how the brain is affected when one writes. The brain is wonderful with all that it does. One cannot write without the influence of the brain on that writing. A reputable handwriting expert will examine the questioned writing and compare it with known writing of an individual to form an opinion regarding the signature or writing. A reputable handwriting expert is not an advocate of the person who hires them but of the opinion reached during examination. Let me help you today and put the nightmare to sleep!