Brenda Wong

Leamington Spa, England

Hi, I'm Brenda, and here's the basics. I'm Malaysian-born Chinese, and consider Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok my home. I am currently studying Law in England, and I am the Charity and Welfare Officer for Warwick Glee. But that's boring, isn't it?

I prefer Quentin Tarantino over chick flicks. My addiction to green tea is somewhat severe, but there are worse vices to have. My favourite smell is the aroma of candied roses in Turkish Delight. I am not aiming for a legal career, yet I am studying law. I love sunshine, but only when it's dry.

What exactly do you put in these things? I have always been perplexed by these. I am an amalgamation of all I have seen, heard, and experienced. So I try to surround myself by good things and good people in order to share in their wonder through osmosis. I hope.

I'm not sure if this says anything about me at all. I guess the only way to truly get to know me is to reach out and communicate. Don't be shy.

  • Education
    • University of Warwick