Brenda Vania

Freelancer in Indonesia

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Hi! The name is Brenda, an Indonesian girl who was born back in 1994 and yes still living in Indonesia up to now.

Describing about my self is actually not my forte because I believe every person have different opinion about me.

But one thing I know, something that closely can describe my self is I'm an INFP

I own a small business for a living (well, can't actually call it for a living yet but more like for feeding my hobby) and my interests ranges in music, arts, toys photography, pop culture, visual design and lately I've been passionate in fitness and healthy living world.

If you find me because of my fitness journal on instagram and curious with the story why and how did I change my lifestyle to be healthier, you can read my blog by clicking the button above!

You can also get in touch with me and get to know me more through my email or my social media links below.