Brendon Ingraham

I am impassioned by gaining knowledge. Give me a book, a program, a class- I will gain all that I can. I have been given the opportunity to learn in many environments- from the jungles of Papua New Guinea, to the red dirt of Texas.

I am passionate about mentoring- pouring out what I am learning.

One of the greatest opportunities to learn I have experienced is the Executive Track leadership internship through Teen Mania's Honor Academy. This track contains six hand picked members, chosen to gain experience in management, and training as future leaders in business.

I have the privilege to serve as a manager in our outbound call center- managing the tele-promotions of three of our Acquire the Fire youth conferences. This gives me the chance to constantly pour out all I am learning, and growing the professional skills of those under my leadership.

Top 5 Strengths- from Clifton's Strengthfinder 2.0:

- Connectedness

- Learner

- Harmony

- Input

- Intellection