Brendon O'Brien

I was born on December 23, 1994 in Abilene, Texas at 2P.M. Ever since I've living by the motto "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. "-Ralph Waldo Emerson. I believe you must try at least one new thing or method a day. I'm a very diverse person and am always ready for new things. I got my first laptop in 2001 (it was 5 years old). I’ve been messing around tweaking and being mesmerized by them ever since. When I discovered the internet my mind blew up!. Bottom line is, I love computers. I also love water. My father got his first boat and I have loved playing, sitting, or just plain floating in the wonderful stuff. I also love connecting and talking to people; if they’re happy, I’m happy. I'm also a very, very creative person. If you ever need a idea just ask me for one! I'm always thinking of new things and unique ideas. Learning is my bread and butter. I can read till my eyes fall out and be a happy blind man. If its there ill learn it... or ill even go out of the way to learn it. I'm hoping to grow up with a job were I can always be exploring new ideas and everyday take home a new experience! I'm looking towards marketing or something in the computer field. Thanks for taking the time to read my story :)