Brendon Brown

Summerside, Prince Edward Island

A listener, communicator, always hungry for a chance to level up his skills and uncompromising in his high design and tech standards.

Passionate and insatiably curious about technology and design, a firm believer in the positive impact of quality of life on productivity, and with a 4+ years in web technologies, 13 years in graphic design, a background in philosophy and critical thinking and mastery of several romance languages, Brendon excels at front-end web development and custom Wordpress theme development, and has been been a one-stop website design and support shop for niche local and international businesses.

Brendon is an unabashed coffee addict, electric brewer and cryptocurrency enthusiast; he is intrigued by technology, passionate about design, and driven to build things.

  • Work
    • Parkbench Media
  • Education
    • ICAS
    • Ateneo Regina Apostolorum
    • Thornwood Center for Higher Studies