Brenna Rescigno

Durham, North Carolina

My name is Brenna Rescigno, and I am from a quaint beach town called Monmouth Beach, New Jersey. My passion is sports, family, and being a member of a team. I have been a devoted student-athlete my entire life, and have had much success in my academic and athletic endeavors during my high school years, which is what allowed me to earn a scholarship and have the privilege to be a part of a one of the greatest Division-1 field hockey programs in the country. I am a junior field hockey player at Duke University, and plan on graduating in May 2014. I am studying to become a Sociology major and earn a certificate in Markets and Management Studies.

Through my academic and athletic experiences thus far I have established a leadership brand to help me realize who I am as a leader both on the field hockey field, in the classroom, and in life. Teamwork, camaraderie, strong work ethic, determination, and inner strength is how I would define myself. My passion, drive, and dedication for sports, education, and success, guides me towards achieving my goals that I set for myself. My main goal I wish to achieve is becoming a stronger, more inspiring, and motivating leader. Through self-discovery and believing in my abilities as a leader, everyday I will push myself to be better, work harder not only for myself but those around me, and always stay true to my honorable, loyal, and kind hearted character.

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