Brenna Beaucoup

Artist and Crossdresser in Nebraska

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Hihi, I’m Brenna! I'm an American DMAB who loves crossdressing. 👠❤😘 I'm bi-curious and currently single. 💙 At this time, I am ONLY on Instagram as brenna_beaucoup so if you see me anywhere else, it's probably not me.

I'm just here to share my dress-up experiences with Instagram and mingle with others who are supportive or having similar experiences. 💚 I don't currently have a Skype, Kik, FetLife, Whatsapp for CD, sorry! But I'm considering making a foot content account... 👣

I started crossdressing at a very young age. My mom had a floral sundress out and I said "can I wear it?" Slightly puzzled, she replied "Sure." I wore it briefly but nothing felt wrong about wearing it and I've been hooked since. 👗❤ Only since 2016 have I been putting money, time, and effort towards dressing up and I'm always working on improving my look. 😘

I'm 100% cozy being a full-time guy who secretly plays a part-time girl for fun. 😉 I don't get a lot of time to dress-up but when I do, I have to go all-out with the works. 😋 I maybe get to fully crossdress biweekly on average, mostly during winter, though I would like to more often.

My interests include nerdy stuff like collecting nerdy memorabilia, doodling/streaming, music, being outdoors, going to the gym, retro and Indy gaming, gardening, comics, anime, cosplaying, and pro wrestling (AEW!). My kinkier interests include (but not limited to) feet, submission, pregnancy, and curvy thicc BBW ladies. I've always wanted to be a voluptuous gal myself which is why I sometimes wear bust, booty, and hip padding. 💃💋 I also draw and take commissions for adult alternative artwork for many years. 💕🎨

I'm thrilled that there are others out there who enjoy what I'm doing and I plan to keep posting more pics! 💜 Thanks to everyone for your support! 😁

If you want to help support my crossdressing Instagram, check out my Amazon wishlist! 😘👙📷💚Thank you for reading!