Brenna Robinson

Brenna Robinson enjoys the little things in life (getting drenched in the rain, the sound of coffee being made in the morning, the ambiance candles create) and tries to enjoy every moment of it presently and positively.

As an aspiring professional dancer, she’s studying dance (ballet, jazz, modern, & contemporary) at Dean College; performing in numerous shows; working with choreographers like Christina Berger, Gregory King, and Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp; and discovering ways to move her body that compliments the music.

When she’s not running from rehearsal to rehearsal, you can find her hitting up the yoga mat, binge watching independent films, or adventuring in the great outdoors.

Her independent study project — Mind Games — is about the psychological processes that a dancer experiences. Due to popular demand, the study can be emailed upon request.

Her next performance in the show — Arts Mosaic — hits opening night on October 30th.

To learn more about Brenna visit her website