Brenna Sharpe


Hello, my name is Brenna Sharpe and I am from the city of Mt.Juliet, Tennessee. I am a Sophomore at Wilson Central High School. I have recently applied to study abroad in New Zealand in the spring of 2014, through American Field Service (AFS) intercultural student exchange program.

In New Zealand I will attend high school for a semester (6 months). While in New Zealand I hope to learn more about New Zealand culture, and gain better knowledge of the world and who I am as a person. I hope I can grow through the new experiences I hope to have in New Zealand.

Right now, as a sophomore, I enjoy taking part in many extra activities as well as school. I am involved in the dance program at my school, Wilson Central High School. I also take dance lessons outside of school at Artistry in Motion. I dance approximately 10 hours a week and hope to take part in dance class during my stay in New Zealand. I also balance, studying, church, social life, and family.

Fundraising is something me and my family must do in order to send me on this great adventure. My goal is to raise $8,000 in order to help pay for my trip to New Zealand. I have planed many fundraisers that will take place of the next couple of months. One of those fundraisers is selling cupcakes. I make many different flavors of homemade cupcakes and icing. There is a "Flavor of the Month"that I will be selling every week and will deliver on sunday. I also make cupcakes for parties and events. I would greatly appreciate anyone taking a look to see if they would be interested in purchasing some. 100% of the profits earned from the cupcakes will go to my exchange program.

Thank you so much!