Brennan Clark

Villa Park, IL

Brennan & Clark is a collections agency based in Villa Park, Illinois. In business for over 30 years, it has a management team that has worked together for more than 15 years. A leader in the industry, Brennan & Clark is a member of many professional organizations, including the Commercial Collection Agency Association, the Commercial Law League of America, The International Association of Commercial Collectors, the National Society of Insurance Premium Auditors, and the Insurance Accounting and Systems Association.

Brennan & Clark has pioneered many techniques to help clients recover more money from their accounts. A key service that the company offers is the Cash Now program. With this program, companies turn over their accounts for collection, and receive a check for their historical net return within 5 days. Brennan & Clark absorbs all of the risk, and the client gets the cash immediately. With this program, clients do not have to monitor their accounts; they can get back to work while the collections agency does the rest.

Brennan & Clark also offers the Receivable Support Solution, which is a program that helps perfect a client's existing collections process. The company first works to learn what the client's main goals are with their process. Then, it evaluates all of the current procedures to see if the client is actually achieving the desired goals, and recommends areas for improvement. Finally, Brennan & Clark helps the client implement the improvements, which are backed by a full-refund guarantee.