Student in Anna, Texas

I graduate in the spring of 2016 from Anna High School. I then plan on continuing my education at Texas A&M.

From all my years of playing sports I have learned that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication in order to succeed. With being an athlete I tend to eat more then others, so I really enjoy a good home cooked meal. In my spare time I enjoy being outside as much as possible and I enjoy staying fit. I have noticed that after a workout I am more awake and have more energy to get things done that day. I also love to travel and go to new places. I have been to Alaska and Hawaii, and plan on visiting all fifty states and going to Australia in the future.

I plan on majoring in Sports Management. I like to be creative and solve problems within the business world, but also have a pasion for sports. I believe I have the work ethic and people skills to make a team and front office successful.

Most people tend to stay where they feel comfortable and content but never achieve what they want in life. I have overcome many things in my life and have never settled for average.