Brenna Rhea

Brenna Rhea is a young female actress living the life in sunny Hollywood, CA. She has been acting since the young age of six starting in theater and slowly moving her way up the ladder. She accomplished performing over 110 plays in six years before deciding she was ready to try television and movies. She recently moved out here following her dream to bring back Old Hollywood with a twist. She has had the opportunity to train with a variety of gifted and talented teachers around the world including learning the Japanese Art Form of Bhutto and story-telling puppetry. She has won numerous awards including: the lifetime achievement award, best female actress, and most influential female artist. Along with being a female actress both on and off camera she has had the chance to perform as a dancer in numerous settings in her favorite types of dance which include modern, ballet, and hip-hop. She is a comedian at heart and always finds a way to make anybody smile. She is upbeat and positive and is always ready to try something new. Brenna Rhea has just begun her journey into the acting world and as she continues to go down her path we shall keep this site updated as much as possible. Feel free to follow her or friend her on either Twitter or Facebook by clicking the buttons below. And feel free to view her upcoming projects along with past productions and resume at her IMDB listed below: Thanks for stopping by,