brenna smith

Washington, DC

My name is Brenna Smith and I currently attend American University and am a junior. I am on the varsity women's soccer team and have been playing soccer for the last seventeen years. I am a health promotion major and an education minor at American, and hope to some day teach elementary math or physical education. Since I have been involved with sports for so long, I feel that teaching physical education would be a lot of fun, especially if I had the chance to help a child reach their athletic dreams. Besides PE, math is my favorite subject. I have previously tutored elementary math and have assisted taught preschool for a year. Helping teach preschool is what really got me into working with younger children, mostly elementary aged kids. I hope that someday I will be a successful teacher. Because I love math, my blog is about all the different math activities that helped me learn while I was growing up. I found them all helpful, and these simple activities are what really made math become my favorite subject.

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