brennen beckman

Software Engineer in San Antonio, Texas

My name is Brennen Beckman, my interests are computers, cyber security, and technology in general. The world is changing and is moving towards technology: the way we communicate, the way we learn, the way we find things, and the way we store and write history, wars will become consumed by technology and it’s consuming the way people live their lives and the way we store and get information and I find that the next generation hero is being able to manipulate it at your will and have the ability to use that power to help people and to help good companies help their consumers. One of my goals is to join the military and use the skills I have acquired to keep the people in this the world’s information private and safe from cyber attacks and protect people from getting credit cards and identity stolen. The list of good that I can do with these skills goes on. Knowledge of programming, troubleshooting and solve problems one of the key parts in this area of work and I have acquired that knowledge. Making applications and softwares that help people in daily life is another goal of mine. My objective in life is to leave a mark on the world.