Brennon Patterson

Brennon Patterson is an aspiring entrepreneur for the past five years. His latest Accessories company has expanded beyond new horizons and today offers it's clients a new level of service at an affordable price.

Staying stagnant and bored isn't a hobby of Brennon's. He has taken on new initiatives being active in his community,university and nationally. Recently, he has assisted in the Campus Chronicle newspaper,a groundbreaking initiative. He is currently the Direct Sales Executive of New Ventures at CNMG. A post which has made him neutral and professional and open to a new challenge.

Brennon believes in young people like himself. His dreams are to one day represent Trinidad and Tobago at the highest level on the world map. He is a self motivated individual and a motivator who thinks that the only obstacle your dreams is in sleeping long hours.

His hobbies are reading,going on long drives,socializing and ofcourse spending time with his loved ones.