Brent Hall

Chicago, Illinois

Brent's real estate investing and entrereneurship career began in 2010 after reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad." This led to attending several REIA meetings, various real estate coaching programs and seminars.. He has extensive knowledge of purchasing proeprties below market value through the use of private money. The properties are rented out and held onto for an average of one year for cash flow and sold for a profit. Brent has obtained a vast array of business connections due to his outgoing and highly charismatic persoanlity, which has created an abundance of opportunities.

The current goal that Brent is foused on is to make the Virtual Real Estate Investor Association the most successful and recognizable international real state company. The leveraging of network associates will also create additonal entrepreneurship opportunities through internet marketing. In addition to these goals, Brent plans to create a group dedicatedto Divorced Dad's that will advocate self-improvement, networking, parening tips/advice, and creative income solutions.

When Brent is not hard at work, he spends quality time with his beautiul wife Tara; children Kallie and Ryan; and their two cats Stella and Eliza. They enjoy traveling and are planning a trip in 2014 to Sonoma Valley and the Florida Keys.

You can reach Brent here:

Brent Hall


  • Education
    • Southgate Anderson High School
    • Baker College