Brent Martin

Saint George, Utah

Brent Martin was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and moved to St. George, Utah, in 1985. He has four siblings, one of which is his identical twin. As a young boy, his dad taught him how to work hard, communicate properly and to do things at the highest level of quality. Brent chose to not participate in athletics and got a job at the young age of 13, working at a Southern Utah golf course. His first entrepreneurial success was at age 16 when he and his brother started a special event company, which is still in business today.

Brent has since then started eight different companies from the ground up, developing effective systems and processes. In 2006, Brent started exploring property management, maintenance and rehabilitation/preservation after being in the construction industry for several years. Brent took his ability to manage and operate in this industry to the next level and obtained contracts with large national firms, expanding into multi-state operations. This, in turn, created an opportunity to expand service lines into home cleaning and real estate services.

Brent is very passionate about meeting timelines, providing high quality service and preserving, managing and maintaining real estate in its entirety. His main focus with each company is to help his team members grow, learn and become confident and successful in life, wherever it may take them. His employees have adapted this same culture, providing excellent service and end results.

Brent still resides in St. George with his wife of 11 years. They have one daughter and two sons. When he isn’t working, he loves to go to the lake, listen to and discover new music, spend time with his wife and kids and try new food.

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    • Business Owner
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