brent osborne

Coventry UK

Sales professional with 18 years experience. I can help you raise awareness of your brand, create business opportunities, deliver outstanding results and growth through the application of digital engagement tools, Gaming, and Augmented Reality

I work for an outstanding full service agency and I love what I do.

I am always looking for ways to improve myself and my contribution, I am a great believer in the "illusion of fear" - that fear is just an illusion created by the mind. Fear is the number one catalyst for inaction and is one of the biggest factors restraining our progress, and believe anything is possible with the right attitude.

Outside of work I am a huge fan of world war 2 history and study the subject to ridiculous levels of detail. I have visited some of the most significant sites in Nazi Germany and the battlefields of europe.

oh and I support coventry city.... but the less said about that the better.