Brent Prox

Cortland, Ohio

Hi, my name is Brent Michael Prox. I am currently a student at Youngstown State University. I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and will minor in Mathematics. I have a great appreciation for new learning material and currently hold a 4.0. My current experience with programming pertains to the classes I have completed and am currently enrolled in.

These consist of:

-Survey of Computers

-Basic Programming

-Programming and Problem Solving (C++)

For the past two years, during the summer I occupy a job as a car detailer at Lou Wollam Chevrolet. This job has refined my communication, team, and leadership skills. I am very outgoing and can easily get along with anyone. This is one of the reasons my communication skills are so distinct.

After the spring semester of 2014, I will be looking for a summertime internship/co-op to gain more experience to put on my resume. Once I graduate college, I plan to work in my field of study for 2 years. After that time is complete I would like to return to school to extend my knowledge and receive my Master's Degree in Computer Science.

  • Education
    • High School Diploma