Brent Wagner

Dc Metro Area

SENIOR IT SYSTEMS ARCHITECT & SUPPORT ENGINEER -- Expertise in developing, implementing, and maintaining enterprise-class IT solutions at all levels of the data center technology stack including Virtualization; Cloud Computing; Automation; Storage Area Networks; Converged Networks; High Availability/Fault Tolerance; Endpoint Encryption; Backup/Disaster Recovery

My strongest specific skills are in Unix/Linux administration & support but my numerous Technical Sales certifications exposed me to the latest IT infrastructure technology from most major vendors (Oracle, IBM, HP, Cisco, etc.) along with how to implement it, while my experience as a high-level enterprise support engineer helped me develop problem solving methodologies that can be applied to virtually any IT challenge.

I am passionate about squeezing the most bang for the technology buck. I strive for efficient solutions that are reliable and secure and I work best under pressure with limited resources.

  • Education
    • B.S. Computer Information Systems