Brent Adams

Brent is passionate about debate in the modern era. Currently, he is the competitive speech and debate coach at a top tier Prep school in Brooklyn, NY -Poly Prep. He has been at Poly Prep for 3 years and is happy to share his expertise with this particular generation of future leaders.

Brent's background i in law and rhetoric. He is a former Chicago Litigator and has been very involved in the legislative process, specifically drafting bills, testifying in committee and persuading legislators. In his attempt to centralize the drafting process, Brent tried adding a layer of formality to ensure that laws are written to portray the intended message.

His education has played a huge role in helping Brent decide on his career path. Brent got his Bachelor's in Communication Studies and his Master's in Rhetoric from Northwestern University. He then went on to obtain a J.D. at NYU School of Law.